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Regardless of how well an author writes, what they are trying to convey can be diluted or even lost if their work is not professionally proofread. Lynn Rockwell of Red-Hot Proofreading, using her unbiased "second pair of eyes" to review errors and hidden problems in my manuscript, was able to provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of grammar, punctuation, and readability. She is an expert in skillfully ferreting out everything from simple typos to the most obscure mistakes.

I am sure that Lynn read every word, meticulously and carefully, probably more than twice, on each page of my latest novel, Reckless Indifference, which enabled her to provide sharp analytical insight and valuable suggestions for technical structure. Her detailed and accurate proofreading, as well as some editorial advice, significantly improved the flow of my novel.

Lynn is professional and prompt. Her quick turn-around time was incredibly important to me. I highly recommend her services and there is no doubt that Lynn is most certainly the person I will seek out when my third book gets close to completion.

Julie Bigg Veazey, author of novels
Silent Cry and Reckless Indifference


Our exciting new 100-page New Hampshire publication, Manchester Magazine, needed professional proofreading and fact-checking, and Lynn Rockwell of Red-Hot Proofreading was just the one to do the job. Our magazine needs every Web site to be correct, every phone number valid, and every name spelled correctly. Under a high-pressure deadline for publication, she accomplished the job, using the latest Adobe PDF-format editing software, and turned around an expert job, literally overnight, from three time zones away! Thanks, Lynn, we couldn’t have done it without you, and we’ll certainly use your proofreading and fact-checking talents in the future. You are truly Red-Hot!

Steve Olivier
Manchester Magazine


I consider myself a pretty good editor, whether for spelling, grammar, or punctuation.  But I always like to have someone else look over my work, so I hired Lynn. I was surprised at how many spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors she highlighted in my text!  This was despite the fact that someone else had already proofread it, as well as having proofread it myself.  Lynn is one professional proofreader, and I highly recommend her. 

 Susan Price-Batting


Our monthly church newsletter is so professional and accurate when Lynn proofreads it. Thank you for your special touch to really make us shine!

Board of Deacons, Chester Village Church


Lynn's assistance in reviewing my various historical writings has been invaluable. She has helped me to establish consistency in structure, word, and punctuation use. Writing for me does not come easy; I sometimes completely miss spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Lynn has saved me on more than one occasion from posting less than flattering work online. She is quick, accurate, and efficient; a true gift for editing.

Michael Shea, author
George Washington - Son of the Republic, look and learn


“Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child. In many ways the same can be said of writing a book. It does require a collective effort from many people. For me, Lynn was one such person. Working tirelessly, she applied her exceptional skills in transforming my raw manuscript into a cohesive, well-structured, and grammatically-correct presentation. Her efforts allowed me to further refine the message I wished to present to the reader; a message which, to my delightful surprise, has been very well received. Thank you, Lynn.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Dan Brown, Esq.


Lynn's proofreading skills have caused me to question my own acumen from time to time.  Her 'second set of eyes' always catch more than a few errors of style, grammar or syntax.  It has been my pleasure to have her review my written work and I will continue to do so.
                                                                                                                               - Gus Widmayer, Contributing Writer, Groton News, Nutfield Publishing

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